Home Armor®

Mold Armor® is now Home Armor®

We’re Dedicated To Giving You More,
And More Powerful, Cleaning Solutions.

When consumers and mold remediation professionals want maximum cleaning power to remove mold and mildew stains, they turn to the mold & mildew experts: Mold Armor®.  The reason why is easy to understand: No one offers more effective mold & mildew stain solutions than Mold Armor®.

But, in reality, we offer products that can do so much more.

Our cleaning formulas can eliminate dirt and grime virtually anywhere in and around your home.  Our products are also ideal for home improvement projects, such as paint prep.  Our Flexible Sealer stops small leaks from causing big damage.  And, we’re going to continue to build and expand our line of powerful cleaning solutions for homeowners.

That’s why we’ve changed the name of our hosehold products from Mold Armor® to Home Armor®.

While we have a new name, you can still count on us for the most powerful line of mold & mildew stain removing products available anywhere.

Home Armor® continues to offer you a complete array of products designed specifically for your unique mold & mildew stain challenge, no matter the surface, indoors and out.  From bleach-based removers that work instantly, to mold blockers that keep mold away for months, all without scrubbing, you can count on Home Armor® for maximum cleaning power with minimum effort.

Discover all the advantages Home Armor® offers to:

Eliminate and prevent mold & mildew stains outdoors.

Remove and prevent mold & mildew stains indoors.

Quickly & easily clean & protect your patio & patio furniture.

Stop small leaks from becoming big ones.

Looking for professional mold solutions?
Our powerful Mold Armor
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