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To control indoor humidity, try DampRid® moisture absorbers.

To remove stubborn spots and stains, use Goof Off® removers.

Stop Small Problems Before They Become Big Ones.

A leaky gutter, cracked pipe, aging roof, and drafty window can all be sources of water damage in and around your home. That leak can start small, but, if left unrepaired, can cause expensive damage to your home. In addition, standing water can also be a source of health issues for your family – as water often contains bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pollutants.

Flexible Sealer

Home Armor® Flexible Sealer stops water leaks creating a guaranteed watertight seal.  It outperforms competitive products for performance in extreme temperatures and works on a wide variety surfaces.

Flexible Sealer is easy to use, and won’t drip, sag, chip, crack or peel.  So, when leaks occur, you can count on Home Armor® Flexible Sealer.

Here are some other tips on dealing with minor leaks:

  • Start by identifying the source of the leak – while a leaky pipe or gutter may be obvious, gaps in windows and shingles may be harder to spot
  • Clean up any standing water as soon as possible
  • If the leak is indoors, ventilate the area as soon as possible – set up a fan, and, depending on the season open doors or windows
  • Inspect the area for any possible water damage – keep in mind leaking water can travel great distances
  • Above all, seal the leak as soon as possible

Remember, Home Armor® Flexible Sealer offers unmatched sealing performance indoors and out.

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